Sunday, November 27, 2011

Build a Lego Set

Cost $$ - $$$$$ - New lego sets are expensive, but there is a variety of sizes to fit most budgets.
Value $$$ - Lego is expensive for a reason.  It is the best.  Megabloks don't cut it, the other pseudo lego brands are worse.
Fun !! - At a certain age, it is priceless fun, once it becomes all about candy, less fun.
Time # - #### - a small set can be done in minutes, huge sets in hours and hours over days and days
Age - The box says 5-12

I'm very serious when I saw that Lego is the best toy.  Durable - I still have pieces from the late 60's that were handed down to me by my older cousins.  A little mangy looking, but unbroken and still fit together well.  Educational - promotes hand eye coordination, following complex instructions, spatial recognition, engineering, patience.  Fun - the boys love lego and can play for ages.

Mars was given set 7287 Police Boat from granny for his birthday.  172 pieces, so a good size for Mars' very first 'solo' build.  It took two sessions of almost an hour with a nice big break in between.  He is still a little young and needs help with the directions, but he built 95% of the pieces by himself.  (I did much the last 5% when he ran out of steam and patience).  It actually floats, but we haven't tested it in the bath yet.

At age 5, the lower end of the lego recommended age group, the directions can be complicated.  However, with help from mum/dad it is still doable.  Good practice for numbers and colours and working on recognizing small changes in each picture.  Describe the bricks based on the number of studs, the colours, the size, the shape.  Mars was pretty thrilled when it was finished.  Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for a 3 year old little brother to demolish what took so long to build!
The next day!