Monday, October 31, 2011

Go Trick-or-Treating

Cost $ - No Cost
Value $$ - Save on Gas

Fun !! - At a certain age, it is priceless fun, once it becomes all about candy, less fun.
Time ## - At least a couple of hours

Age - Under 12

GET.  OUT.  OF.  THE.  CAR.  Seriously.  Driving along slowly while your kids hit the houses may be loosely regarded as 'supervising' or something, but hardly quality time.  It always amazed me at our old house to see cars idling at the end of the driveway then cruising along 30 feet as the kids cut across the lawn to next door.  Pick a street.  Park the car.  Get out of the car.  Go with your kids up one side and back down the other.  If you feel uncomfortable going to doors, stand back fifteen feet while your kids do it.  Even if you live in the boonies and there is 500 metres between houses and must drive between, get out of the car with your kids at each stop.

Ask them about other kids costumes.  Vote on the best pumpkins.  Jump for joy with them after they score two chocolate bars AND a sucker.  Get a little bit of exercise.  Race up the driveway.  Count witches.  Help them be brave.  Pretend to be scared of the ghost.  Negotiate candy trades.  "Inspect" the candy and confiscate any that looks like your favorite unsafe.  Make scary faces with the help of your flashlight.  Do any of the hundred little things you can do other than sit in a car and wait.

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