Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homemade Hallowe'en Costumes

Cost $ - Use stuff you already have around the house
Value $$$ - Pretty much free,
fun, and substantial savings from store bought costumes 
Fun !! - Making your own is far more fun
Time ## - Takes some time to hunt down and/or covert
all the parts
Age 2+

When I was a kid, store bought costumes were unheard of.  I don't even think you could buy costumes at a store.  My mum sewed costumes from scratch, like these ladybug ones.  Kids wore stuff from their dress-up trunk, stuff from mum or dad's closet, maybe some facepaint or makeup.  It was all good.

I'm not sure when it became standard practice to buy a costume in a bag, but it sucks, and it is nowhere near as fun as improvising your own.  I always give extra candy to the kids with homemade costumes.

The clothes all came from the boy's closet and drawers.  The dress-up trunk yielded Batman's mask, the grey cape, and Indiana Jone's hat.  The batman logo was cut out of sticky backed foam from our craft supplies.  The stencil for it was actually recycled from this year's Batman Pumpkin.  A cool gold belt from mum (hard to see) that acts as Batman's utility belt.  A belt and a nylon webbing strap for Indy, his whip is also a belt.  You can't see, but Batman also has a jetpack/backpack which is really a pouch to hold a portable cd player.  (Mars authoritatively claims Batman doesn't use a jetpack, Odin wanted it because he wears it when he dresses up as Jango Fett).  The little foam soccer ball he is holding is his 'batbomb'.

Lots of fun and imagination involved.  "Where is the...?", "What can we use for...?", "Do you have any ideas...?", "Can you find a...?".  The end result is time spent together making some pretty easy, pretty awesome, and pretty cheap costumes.  So much better than a costume off a rack.

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